MHC has enjoyed over 21 years of success by producing creative real estate marketing programs that deliver measurable appreciation in asset values. Our properties consistently outperform their market, even in downturns.  

Imagine this -

Your real estate project’s key message:

1. Is delivered to those you need to understand it
2. Is impactful and memorable
3. Results in a desired action at an economic cost

Sound easy? It’s not. It’s a finely-honed process.

  • What is the key message?  
  • Who should receive it and how often?
  • Why is one creative approach stronger than another?
  • What’s the desired action?
  • What’s the payback?

We’ve cracked the code.

Reviewing existing data is basic. Acquiring usable market intelligence from those who will help appreciate value is more complicated.

MHC has created a process that provides the focus and direction for use in developing superior, nail-on-the-head creative.

Our team has experience with many of the highest profile office, residential, and retail properties in the United States.  The high level of research and marketing plan production experience increases our ability to quickly engage and go active - avoiding time and money-wasting preparations.

Whether you are an institutional or significant single-asset owner, market realities play a large role in our approach and success.  If you’d like to know more about how we might contribute, please call.

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